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Monday, November 12, 2012

Using Tabs to Speed Up Web Browsing

Using multiple tabs in your browser can help you browse multiple Internet pages simultaneously, and when used efficiently tabs can save you a LOT of time. Here are some tips:

1) Set Chrome to open your "most visited" places (gMail, Drive, Edu, etc.) all at once when you start up. To do this use Chrome's menu (three horizontal bars in the upper left,) choose Settings and then "Set Pages" in the On Startup section of settings.

2) When you are browsing, use new tabs when you need to open a new page instead of browsing "away from" something you need to keep open. You can also open links in a new tab (like a link from Edu to a Google Doc) by holding down CTRL when you click the link.

3) You may have noticed that Google Apps always opens documents in a new browser tab. While this can be convenient (your Drive is always open in a tab) it can also result in a large number of tabs open, especially if you use the "hidden arrow" to close a document and go back to your Drive. A large number of tabs can begin to slow down your browser, so here are two ways to avoid this 1) When you are done with a Google Doc, close that tab instead of going back to Drive 2) Turn off Google's tab behavior by going to your Docs settings (the gear icon) and choosing "In the current window" in the Where Items Open section.

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