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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Managing gMail Quarantine, approving senders

gMail users will notice that some junk mail goes into your Spam folder, and some gets held in quarantine. A list of quarantined messages is delivered every morning at around 7:00am. You can click "deliver" for a one-time approval, or you can permanently approve senders in the Message Center by clicking the subject of the message. There is also a direct link to the message center underneath the gMail link on our Teacher's Corner.

1) Log on to Message Center

2) Find the message in the quarantine list, check the box next to it and click "Deliver" on the right.

3) Check the box to the left of the message and click "Approve Selected Senders"

You can also manually approve senders by clicking "My Settings" in the upper right after logging on to Message Center and then clicking "Approve Senders"

If this happens with a lot of good email, you can lower your filter from "strict" to "normal" in the same My Settings area.