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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Can I Install Java and Flash?

Many people have asked if they can install the Java and Flash plugins, and the answer is YES: these are commonly used plugins and are (for the most part) safe to install.

Flash player will automatically install from Adobe.com when you click "install missing plugins" in Chrome.

To install Java:

1) In Chrome, go to java.com and click on "Free Java Download." DO NOT download Java from any other site but java.com, and DO NOT follow links from other sites!

2) Click "Agree and start free download." When the download is complete, choose "open" from the triangle pop-up menu next to the downloaded filename in the lower left corner of Chrome.

3) Click "Yes" to allow the installation, and the installer will download and run the software package. During the installation, UNCHECK the box for "Install Ask Toolbar and make Ask my default search." Add-on packages like this are one thing to be cautious about when installing programs.

When the installation completes, most Java functions should work in all browsers, although for security reasons Chrome will usually ask first before the script is run. It is best to click "Run This Time" instead of "Always run." Be cautious about running scripts on sites that may not be trustworthy (gaming sites, file sharing sites, free download sites, etc.) as they are often malicious.