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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Where are the electronic textbooks?

The 9th grade laptops have copies of Math and US History textbooks installed. The US History version does not have all of the features of the online version, but the reading content is the same and can be useful when you do not have an Internet connection.

Students can find these textbooks by going to Start --> Computer --> Local Disk --> Textbooks --> History (or Math) and opening the folder for the text they wish to use.

For the US History text, double-click "Start Here," and for the math texts double-click "student_one_stop" for the textbook launcher.
You can also right-click on the startup icons and choose "Send To --> Desktop to create a desktop shortcut to the textbook.

Tip: some portions of the textbooks open in a web browser. Click Here to see instructions on how to get these to open up in Chrome instead of Internet Explorer. Look in the "osp" folder of each textbook to find the file called index.html and change the file association of that file.

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