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Monday, September 10, 2012

How and where do I PRINT from my school laptop?

The HP 3115 laptops are set up to print to three networked printers at MMU: the PCLab (by front entrance), Rm 404, and the Learning Lab (entrance between bathrooms in the second "cross-hallway").

You will need to select a printer each time you print: the system default printer is Adobe PDF (will save as a PDF file instead of printing) to prevent accdental printing to the wrong printer.

Please THINK BEFORE YOU PRINT! Look carefully at the preview to double-check for titles, your name, spellcheck, etc.

Printing Google Docs directly to a printer will only work in Google Chrome: Firefox and Explorer will prompt to save to PDF even after you choose a printer.

Printing at home: Most printers will "plug and play" in Win7 when connected with a USB cable. If that does not work, check with Mr. Hall for further instructions: some printer software will modify system print setup and it is usually not necessary to install the entire printing package when only the drivers are needed.

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