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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How do I post handouts on the web?

One of the simplest methods to distribute handouts electronically is though a class web page. If you want students to be able to view or download/print your handouts outside of class, they can be converted into Google Docs (essentially making them web pages) and linked from a class web page.

1) Log in to your Google Docs account and click "Upload," then browse for the file you wish to upload. It is recommended that you click the box for "Convert documents... to Google Docs format." Now click "Start Upload"

2) Click "Back to Google Docs", open the Google Doc and click on "Share" (upper right) and c"change" the document from Private to "Public on the web." Click Save, and Close.

3) Copy the document URL (actual web address)

4) Open up the web page you wish to link from and click "Edit"

5) Type the name of the handout where you want the link to be (this will become the link), then highlight it and choose "Link" from the editing toolbar. Click on "Web address" and paste in the copied URL. In most cases you will also want to check the box to "Open this link in a new window." Click OK and save your web page.

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