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Monday, September 14, 2015

Clearing Browser Cache

Web browsers save or “cache” parts of web pages (like graphics) or even entire pages so that they will load faster in future. Sometimes it is necessary to clear the cache in order to delete this saved information, particularly if a web page changes "under the hood."

In Chrome:
  • Choose More Tools from the Chrome menu (3 dots, upper right), then Clear browsing data
  • Use the drop-down menu to clear “from the beginning of time
  • UNcheck all boxes except "Cached images and files"
  • Click clear browsing data

"Cookies" refer to saved data (saved usernames and passwords, form data) saved by websites. If clearing cache does not resolve a website issue, check the box for "cookies and other site data" and clear again. WARNING: make sure you know all of your passwords before doing this!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

How can I use multiple Google accounts without logging in and out all the time?

Many of us use multiple Google accounts (eg. one for school and one for home, which is recommended in school policies) but it's a hassle to log in and out of them all the time. Here is an easy way to set up and switch smoothly between accounts:

1) Log in to Chrome (not just Drive or gMail) using your CESU account (this is automatic on a Chromebook.) Choose "Link Data." This will become the default/primary account.

2) Go to Drive or gMail, click on your user icon (upper right) and choose "Add Account." There is no need to sign out of your primary account before doing this.

Once both accounts are logged in, you can switch smoothly between them by clicking on your user icon and choosing the other account.

When you navigate to a service that uses Google login, you will choose the correct account from a list.

CAUTION: Once you enable two accounts, make sure your school work is always done with your school account!